Captain Morgan is back

Friday, June 19, 2009

This Year we will be stronger !!

Captain Morgan Crew

Saturday, June 28, 2008

To break this down to the basic. Then it is soccer tournament in my home town. Our team is call ” Captain Morgan Crew”, hmmm that’s mean we are drinking a lot of Captain Morgan. Puh I was so drunk. This picture below is the crew plus the captain ( Benjamin ) was out locating the area, on his boat.  


Jonas, Thomas, Sten, Daniel, Regan

Lasse , Morten, Jens, Casper 

Skive Beach Party 08′

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Been there, wanna go back ! This was so great, the weather was really hot, no clouds and no rain! The music was some of the best concert I have been to!

I will tell you a funny story. When the first music program was up long time ago, I did not have anybody to go with, but 2 weeks before the festival. I meet this lovly girl Sofie, and she was going with some of her girl friends, Alana, Lærke and Julie. So I was like… Hmmm you don’t know me but can i come ? And Sofie is really cool, she was like mi casa es su casa. Sweet !

Wednesday 4. June 

So the day we was driving to Skive I was talking with Alana. you know talking about who are you and what are you doing in the next couples years? And she was going to South Africa to visit her father. And I was like ” so you mom live her in Denmark ? ” Alana yes she does. I was silent for a moment and think hmm funny because I know a guy, Sean, who has a dad in South Africa and a mom in Denmark. and I went to school with sean. So I asked Alana maybe you know a guy called Sean Barry Hudson ? Alana and Lærke was just laughing silently and I was , what the hell ! They wear laughing because Sean was Alana’s older brother. I did know that Sean had a sister , but i had never meet her, so there she was!

We arrived in Skive after 6 hours driving we get the tent up and packed our stuff out. Sofie’s grand parents has offered us to sleep in their backyard, and who can say no to that ?! So we had a half hours walking down to the Skive harbor where the festival was taking place. Dune was the first band we saw and they was no junk but really a rush ! Dune has all grown up in Skive. Volbeat was the next band, and thats was some nice hard rock ! And I meat ” The King” at this concert. A great man with a big personality. He was now traveling across the country to follow the band ” Magtens Korridore “(a danish band). And he was put on the VIP list the next 22 concert. Because the saw the same as I did, a great man! 

Thursday 5. June

Mmm a long night, means a long relaxing day. First we went down town Skive to find a ATM and so down to the beach to take a swim. The water was clean so we tried to take some underwater photos 😀 Funny the camera was a underwater camera.


Later that day was Magtens Korridorer on the stage. Excellent danish music. But I could not find the King, to bad. Same night was Linkin Park playing. No soul on the festival was resting ! Everybody was jumping to the rhythm of Linkin! After the concert we had to jump the fence to the camp. So we could find some funny people. But i was freezing on the other side ! So Sofie and I, found a big party tent with a DJ and dance floor. Then we jumped to the rhythm of VLTJ (an danish song) So funny because you have to make some moves with your arms and legs!!! We was warm again in no time ! Later we did went back to the tent and was sleeping immediately. But later!!! That means 2 hours later. We was up again when we was waken by Alana, Lærke and Julie – So drunk they was man ! And start talking for an hour. 


Friday 6. June

This was just a relaxing day, some of us went down to see some of the early bands. I thought that a band like Gnags was, just chill out music . BUT no there was such a energy in that old man, Peter AG. So thats was one big party again with Mr. Swingking. We went home after Gnags, to get some dinner. And Sofie’s grand parents was so kind to us. They made the dinner and drove us down to the festival, so we shouldn’t go down there! So sweet of them. 

Later TV2 was on the stage and properly one of Sofies favorites band.     

Saturday 7. June

This was my night ! Nephew was playing 

Sunday 8. June

The day of returning home. 


This was the program
Beth Hart (USA), Big Fat Snake, Rock Hard Power Spray, Magtens Korridorer, Queens Of The Stone Age (USA), Linkin Park (USA), Danser Med Drenge, Gnags, Runrig (UK), TV-2, Rugsted & Kreutzfeldt, L.O.C., Alphabeat, Nephew, Dúné, Volbeat, Rival Schools, Burhan G , Suspekt, The Raveonettes, Electric Eel Shock (Japan), Tina Dickow, The Presidents of the USA (USA), The Storm, Marvel Hill, Spleen United, Veto, Kashmir.



New York Marathon

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Yes you, did read marathon. I’m running the marathon the 2. now. with a good friend. There is only one problem, I did not get a entrant the regular way, but the hard way ! The regular way is by the lottery. About 100.000 runners apply for this race, but only 40.000 will get a guaranteed entry. My friend did get access. So I’m going the hard way. I did sign up for running the race for chaities on a team call “fred’s team” and we are rasing money to researching cancer.

So the way I can be in the New York City Marthon, is by rasing 3000 $ . So if you have some money you can spare for that project or if you have some tips pleass let me know.

– Donate to my account  

– New York City Marathon

– Fred’s Team 

Image competition

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

I trying my best to be a better photographer, so I’m jointing the competition on the Denmarks local weather station. The competition is called “Capture the Spring” take a look at my Photos and if you like them please give them a comment. If you are Danish please vote for them if you like them . Thanks 😀

This is the link to the TV station:  TV 2 Vejert

Africa’s Savanna in Frederrikssund (they have showed in the TV by me ” Thomas Bastholm”)



My First Blog

Monday, March 10, 2008

Hello World

This is my first Blog. And the first thing to consider when I start created this. I mean not much work to do, but I had to make a choice. I could write my Blog in my own languages or I could write in English even though my English is bad. But I prefer to share all this with the world. So don’t crack your head, every time you see a wrong spelling! Right!

I will share all my crazy idea’s, travel, images, daily lift when I’m working and in school. But basic my goal is to see the world in so many different way as possible.

From me Thomas to you the world